• 182017-04
    Connected streetlight makes lost signal a thing of the past

    With mobile phone traffic expected to grow nine times over by the year 2022, mobile operators are struggling to keep up with the levels of broadband coverage required. Unto the breach steps a new smart lightpole, which offers network coverage, acting in concert to increase a city's overall 4G networ...

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  • 102017-04
    What's the ROI on LEDS ?

    Light emitting diode (LED) technology has proved to be very energy efficient, but coming up with a real number to represent overall savings requires more than just comparing an upgraded facility’s before and after electric bills. This post will provide some figures to assess the return on investment...

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  • 162016-12
    Top 5 Reasons to Add Lighting Controls

    1 Increase Workplace Comfort. By setting the right light levels for each workspace at each hour of the day, employees are more comfortable and experience less eye strain. Not surprisingly, eyestrain is the leading cause of stress in the workplace, according to a report by Kensington Technology Group...

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  • 152017-03
    LED Industry Undergoing Structural will be changed

    After years of rapid growth, the global LED industry has begun to plateau. However, the importance of Chinese manufactures have increased with continuous growth in market share.    According to LEDinside, in the upstream LED chip sector, China’s market size increased by 9% YOY to RMB 13.9 ...

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